Home Renovation Checklist

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Home Renovation Checklist

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Home renovations can be a complicated endeavor that is usually riddled with scores of various choices and carefully thought out decisions. Any mistakes mean money down the drain and spell problems that will surely affect the quality and theme of the outcome. So careful planning is a definite must in approaching your own home renovation. Renovating a home is always more satisfying when decisions are sure or final and the theme is approached with a level of certainty. This adds a personal touch that a home owner can be proud of and derive pleasure from.

This is why it is important to have a “home renovation checklist” that lays out the design goals and the expected outcome. First and foremost, a home owner must make sure the target or end result is achievable. Hence the checklist must touch on two sets of home renovation needs:

  1. Pre-Planning and Goals
    1. Set a budget so you know what can be done and what can’t be done
    2. Choose a theme that fits within the budget
    3. Set your plan of attack by either choosing a do-it-yourself approach or hiring a contractor
    4. Know or estimate the timeframe of the renovation job so you can allocate the proper manpower and funds (as well as planning when to start for minimal disruption to daily routine)
  2. Renovation and its Elements
    1. Have a renovation plan to follow so you can see and test the probable functionality of the finished project
    2. Know what material you want or which one is best to use
    3. Choose a color scheme to base the overall mood of the renovated area
    4. Estimate the quantity and quality of needed materials and tools
    5. Set a room for adjustment just in case any unforeseen incidents affect your design, supplies or target date
    6. Prioritize the materials currently needed. Do not buy all theme elements all at once. Most designs are a work in progress and materials plus fixtures should be bought as needed or as appropriate. This minimizes breakages and wasted purchases
    7. Before making finishing touches to the renovated area, make sure all elements are according to standard.

Home Renovations are much easier when you create a checklist for materials and goals so you can see what can be done, what must be done and how it should be done all in an organized fashion.

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